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January Bathroom Sale

January Bathroom Sale

Start remodeling your bathroom this year and experience the kind of bath and wellness you’ve never had before!

Philippe Starck Celebration Sale

Philippe Starck Celebration Sale

Reinvent the look of your living space with one of the most creative minds in the industry to date, Philippe Starck and...

NestNordic: Ideal Simple Life

NestNordic: Ideal Simple Life

With the company’s strong aim for innovation, Dexterton proudly brings you its newest furniture line, NestNordic...

Dexterton The Fort Residences

Dexterton The Fort Residences

Over 50 years of unparalleled success, Dexterton Corporation has been a name trusted by its partners and clients in bringing...















Blanco Now Available for viewing at 3rd floor Dexterton BGC

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