Simmons BeautySleep® Grand Launching

You spend two thirds of your day facing the demands and tensions of life that you tend to cut back on the remaining time of resting your mind and body to prepare you for next day's endless list of tasks again. A good night's sleep is essential to every one’s well-being. You may think that sleeping for six to eight hours is enough, but are you spending yours in the most relaxed and undisturbed way?

If not, your mattress may be causing your restless nights, while a premium quality mattress is the secret to achieving the better sleep that your body needs. Don't let your sleep time result in backaches and restlessness brought about by inappropriate and low-quality mattress.

So, if you are ready to enter the world of better sleep, we are the perfect place for you to start with.

Launched as a 3-day exhibit on the 27th to 29th of May 2016 at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City, we proudly bring to the Philippines our exclusive and latest Simmons BeautySleep mattress collection, where the luxury of better comfort, better support, and better sleep, is only a lie down away.

Simmons BeautySleep® mattress collection features the Original Pocketed Coil® system that has long been the gold standard in providing undisturbed sleep with its unsurpassed motion separation technology, conformability and back support for many happy and rested sleepers all over the world. Available in four (4) types of mattresses, each differs in level of softness and firmness to best suit your body support needs and preferences.

As special promotion, we offered 20% discount on all BeautySleep® mattresses plus free 2 pieces of DeepSleep pillows for purchases made within the 3-day exhibit.

On the first day of event, everyone had a great time trying out the mattresses as guests were given the opportunity to be the first to experience the ultimate comfort of the Simmons BeautySleep®.  On the last part, Senior Regional Executive Sim Ken Wee of Simmons SEA explained what BeautySleep® is all about . As bonus, we gave out special gifts to the first 50 clients who tried out the mattresses and tokens of appreciation to the press and guests who supported our grand launch.

Own your premium quality mattress at affordable price! Rediscover blissful, restful and real sleep with Simmons BeautySleep®.

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Excusively available at Dexterton Lifestyle Store, 3/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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