Artemide New Arrivals Sale

Get up to 40% OFF on Light Fixtures

Bring illumination and style to your home while saving money! Enjoy up to 40% on newly arrived Artemide light fixtures until July 31, 2018.

Alphabet of Light Cicular Alphabet of Light Linear

Alphabet of Light - Circular
Before: P102,400.00
NOW: P66,560.00

(Suspension Lamp)

Alphabet of Light - Linear
Before: P56,000.00
NOW: P36,400.00

(Suspension Lamp)

Ameluna RGB Chlorophilia Chloropjilia 2

Ameluna RGB
Before: P204,800.00
NOW: P133,120.00

(Suspension Lamp)

Before: P66,066.67
NOW: P42,943.34

(Suspension Lamp)

Chlorophilia 2
Before: P87,866.67
NOW: P57,113.34

(Suspension Lamp)

Cosmic Angel Nuboli Pantalica

Cosmic Angel
Before: P159,333.33
NOW: P103,566.66

(Suspension Lamp)

Before: P278,133.33
NOW: P166,880.00

(Suspension Lamp)

Before: P245,333.33
NOW: P147,200.00

(Suspension Lamp)

Demetra La Petite Melampo Tavolo

Before: P28,800.00 / P26,400.00
NOW: P18,720.00 / P17,160.00

(Table Lamp)

La Petite
Before: P13,266.67
NOW: P8,623.34

(Table Lamp)

Melampo Tavolo
Before: P28,000.00
NOW: P18,200.00

(Table Lamp)

Tizio Tizio 35 Tolomeo Micro

Before: P24,400.00 / P22,000.00
NOW: P15,860.00 / P14,300.00

(Table Lamp)

Tizio 35
Before: P21,600.00
NOW: P14,040.00

(Table Lamp)

Tolomeo Micro
Before: P15,600.00
NOW: P10,140.00

(Table Lamp)

Tolomeo Micro LED Unterlinden Tolomeo Mega Terra

Tolomeo Micro LED
Before: P20,733.33
NOW: P13,476.66

(Table Lamp)

Before: P34,200.00 / P36,400.00
NOW: P22,230.00 / P23,660.00

(Table Lamp)

Tolomeo Mega Terra
Before: P65,266.67 / P59,333.33
NOW: P42,423.34 / P38,566.66

(Floor Lamp)


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Stay updated on the latest news, products and promos


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