• The Company 1958 – 2015

  • · Owner-managed company in 2nd generation
  • · Producing kitchens since 1958
  • · Flexibility as a core strength
  • · Five year warranty on our products
  • · We regard ourselves as 'Partner of qualified kitchen retailers'
  • · 300 fronts in 4 program lines
  • · 50% export share


Since 1958, we have designed and produced modern, up-to-date, high quality kitchens always using the latest production technologies and for every lifestyle. Our grid system lets kitchen planners become interior designers –it forms the basis for diverse, individual and impressive kitchen designs no matter the space or demand – elegant, timeless or design-oriented. We are constantly exchanging information with our trading partners. We also involve them in our development work. For us, partnership is a special value and lived diversity the basis for new ideas every day. So everything fits in the grid.

Room. for design, individuality and partnership.
Grid. as a basis, module and option for individual kitchens.
Ratio. between demand and solution, experience and innovation.

- Störmer. The architectural kitchen.


Nardi Costa


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